Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reaping in the Wind

The AKH Team and a few local volunteers were joined by Rick, Michael and Shan from Plimoth Plantation. After meeting at the Whipple house in Ipswich to show our newfound friends the site of the future Alexander Knight House we departed for Essex.

It was a windy day down on the marsh behind the Essex Town Hall and the tall reeds swooshed and danced about. It wasn't long before clearings appeared in the tall grass and piles of thatching materials were bundled ready for transport. No major injuries reported before our late lunch of fried clams, french fries and onion rings across the Essex river. After lunch a quick tour of the Whipple house before the Plimoth contingency had to head south. Again the exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious and I hope they enjoyed the trip north as much as we appreciated their visit, Thanks again guys!