Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a great group of people we met Thursday at Plimoth Plantation. The recollections of many family trips to Plimoth became extra special as I met the people whose work I've long been impressed with and understood their dedication to "getting it right" . Misperceptions of my English forebears are everywhere, but the more we look, and study, and recreate, the closer we come to understanding how and why they lived. The group at Plimoth are so interested in looking at the evidence they and others have found, and acting on that evidence, there was a sense of companionship toward a common goal. What a day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Treasure Hunting at Plimoth Plantation

Learning from the Best

North meets South - the AKH team traveled to the South Shore yesterday and met with the Plimoth builders Rick, Michael, Tom and Shann. An exciting exchange of knowledge and information went on, and on, between the project members. Features of the early Plimoth houses were compared and contrasted with the Knight House along with much discussion about thatching, chimneys, and framing. A constant flow of conversation bounced from one to another, each contributing a particular view or discovery. An extremely rewarding (and fun) experience all northerners agreed; we hope our southern hosts felt the same. Our sincere thanks to them for giving us their time and we look forward to collaborating with them throughout our ongoing project.